Bend-Tech Modules

Add functionality to PRO and SE software

Available Modules

Sheet Metal Designer

Easy to use CAD for flat layout designs on sheet metal.

MSP Templates

Pre-designed templates such as washers, tabs, beadlocks, shackles, brackets and etc.

Roll Cage Templates

Pre-designed templates of roll cages that are a quick starting point for users.

Armor Pack Template

Pre-designed templates of bumpers, tire carriers, roof racks, ATV racks, and rock slider templates.

Large Radius Designer

Adds the ability to design large radius parts, more bends per part, a bump bending tool, etc.

Header Designer

Designing tube headers with ease, with detailed step-by-step bending & cutting instructions.

Exhaust Designer

Aids in the manufacturing of exhaust tube/pipe and assists properly routing the tubing.

Handrail Designer

Adds a new railing interface and an easy-to-use stair wizard calculator for railing design in SE. 

SolidWorks Interface

Takes a designed tube, from SOLIDWORKS and sends the part geometry directly into Bend-Tech.