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Bend-Tech Training Course


Get help with the Bend-Tech Software through a 45-min session with one of our expert Service Technicians. The Service Technician will help you understand how to design your project. 



What is Bend-Tech Training Course?

The Bend-Tech Training Package offers direct assistance from a Bend-Tech Service Technician. This package provides you with general or specific training. Usually, customers prefer to learn how to use the software to design their specific project. With this package you can request a 45-minute online web meeting with our Bend-Tech experts to guide you 1 on 1. To schedule an appointment for web meeting, contact us via phone (1.651.257.8715) or email ( with your name, product serial number/order number with your desired date and time. 

Web Meeting availability | Mon-Fri, 8AM – 5PM (CST) 


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