Bend-Tech is proud to be this year’s Title Sponsor of Clinical Racing. The Clinical Racing Class 2000 truck is a Chevrolet Colorado built to race in the M.O.R.E. race series. The shop at Clinical Racing uses the Bend-Tech Dragon and Bend-Tech Software to produce their cages and chassis efficiently and accurately.

Clinical Racing - The PCI 300

On September 25 Clinical Racing completed PCI 300 finishing fourth in the 2000 Class. The race was four laps over 50 miles of rugged terrain in the Lucerne Valley of California. The desert racecourse ran fast when they were prerunning, but there were some technical sections that would test some of the teams. Clinical Racing ran a great race as they took a step forward their first desert race in their first year racing. There is optimism going forward to compete for the podium.

“The fast course laid out by MORE let us unleash our truck’s potential,” Clinical Racing’s co-driver Tyler Francis said. “We found a few more things to improve on, and with a full desert race finish under our belts, it’s a podium or nothing from here on out.”

Visit Off-Road Assassin for full race details and for the most up-to-date schedule please visit the M.O.R.E. website.

Bend-Tech Racing Results

Team Race Date Results
Clinical Racing The PCI 300 09/25/21 4th Place
NTD Racing Vegas to Reno 08/11/21 - 08/14/21 1st (in class)
Clinical Racing GG Lighting Freedom Cup 07/31/21 - 08/01/21 4th Place

Bend-Tech Racing

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